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Routine Dental Cleaning and oral health education:

● Prevent Tooth Decay ● Stop Gum Disease ● Protect Enamel
● Routine Cleanings ● Brushing ● Flossing

Preventative Dentistry in Sanford, NC

Dr. J. David Fisher Jr. is the Sanford, NC, dentist you can count on for comprehensive family dentistry services. Don’t trust anyone else with your family’s dental health when you have the best in the region right here in Lee County.

The Power of Routine Cleanings

Professional teeth cleanings are important because they deliver a much deeper and greater clean than a patient can achieve at home. With these cleanings, we are able to search for cavities and damage that might require services like a crown, bridge, or even a root canal. As gunk builds up on teeth, a toothbrush and floss can only handle so much. A dentist is better able to see every nook and cranny of a mouth, removing this buildup from the backs of teeth and in hard-to-reach spots. A clean mouth and teeth are the first step to a long life of good dental health.

Promoting Better Oral Health

A life of better oral hygiene can begin with just one appointment with Dr. Fisher. Every treatment we offer and every service we provide is to help promote not only the dental but also the overall health of each of our patients. In addition to the teeth cleanings we provide in-office, we also commit ourselves to educating our patients about how to best care for their teeth and gums between visits to the dentists. Feel free to ask up for flossing and brushing tips to keep plaque from building up on your teeth.

Dr. Fisher knows that unexpected events happen every day, and sometimes immediate access to dental care is necessary. This is why our office provides emergency openings in the daily schedule each day. When one of our patients is in an emergency situation, we do the best we can to take care of their every need as quickly as possible.

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